Welcome to TSW Everyone!

Why TSW?

The concept of The Soulful Wanderlusts is in essence a way to elucidate the journey we believe we deserve due to the nature of kind existence, but are unfortunately vulnerable to the great wide world. The quest to finding happiness is a journey,  a journey of a great adventure. We at TSW thought there was no better word to explicify the way lives are lived, than in a sense of wonderment of the unknown. The preceding word to wanderlust is the word soulful. A deep word with roots embedded into our very own existence. We chose the word soulful because human beings are unique, they have the ability to exist freely and to feel emotions without the use of our mind. A soul cannot be replicated nor can it be understood completely, and the journey of life is as much of an adventure on the outside world, as it can be within your own inside world.

This blog will be a platform to share a variety of themes and topics to encourage positivity in as many ways as we can.

The way we live our lives depends on the choices we make, we like to think those choices are made in harmony with what we believe makes us happy, and it is for those reasons that we decide to take the paths we have chosen. It can almost be related to Jack Sparrow’s iconic compass directing him to where he feels he needs to be.

We endeavour to share with everyone the different ways we can do this, by sharing positive and inspiring topics, that will be thought provoking and uplifting. These will include philosophical discussions, exploration and travel, reflections, health & fitness, and fashion diaries.

We believe this will be a unique blog, and something quite different to what is available on other social media platforms. TSW is a brother | sister blog (aged 22 and 20), based in London and both of us are excited to share this journey!

Our blog will be wide-ranging and delightfully unpredictable.

Why? Because life is.

…and the compass spins on.

With Love. TSW Team

The Team:

Imran Syal



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