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The Chilterns

I decided to visit the countryside of the much loved Chiltern valley and see the beauty of the ‘lungs of London’ with my own eyes. My friend and I decided we would try and find the highest point within the Chilterns and watch the sunrise. After a little research we found Coombe Hill to be just the place. Later, we completed our little trip by visiting the Dunstable Heights, and even managed to dip in the Reservoir in Aylesbury afterwards. We had planned to have a day out sightseeing and relax in the countryside, play some long-distance frisbee and just generally chill in the sunshine.

We met up by the near Ellesborough Golf Club, where I lead the voyage up in to Coombe Hill. I had visited the hilltop during the week to make sure we know our way around, it was going to be dark at 3am and so I needed to make sure I had an idea where we were going. Maybe we should have planned for the morning breeze, however we voyaged to the top and ventured into the hillside seeking the ancient monument that really epitomized the attraction to this viewpoint.

The Coombe Hill Monument

The Coombe Hill Monument

We were very lucky to be able to sightsee, play and even sunbathe our whole Sunday whilst enjoying some much welcome time-out with good food (always a must). Our only hiccup was my friend’s car tyre being slashed open by the ‘cat’s eye’ in the middle of the road, but even the AA driver seemed in a friendly mood – summer is coming! (Any Game of Thrones fans?)

Coombe Hill is a most fantastic sight, it encompasses the perfect blend of the various types of nature. From epic views to adult playgrounds to secluded woodland paths meandering through the unknown, leaving you more curious the further you delved in.

Hidden Paths

Hidden Paths

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we as a creation benefit from taking time out and spending time outside our usual manufactured world, for we all do find happiness in peace, and sometimes that comes from departing from our robotic routine-led lifestyle.

The amazing thing about sightseeing or hiking or even walking in nature is that there is no ‘right’ way of doing something. There is no competition, nor is there some type of trend that you must follow. You can do whatever you please irregardless if that’s playing frisbee across the hilltops or capturing close-up photographs of rare butterflies, whatever takes your fancy is welcome.

We came across many people with many different agendas, some voyaged to picnic, others to sunbathe, some even came with no agenda other than to sit and de-stress. We saw hardcore photographers with their hi-tech camera equipment, there was even a fitness class later on in the afternoon. The opportunities are endless and yet there is nothing but hills, grass and trees.

Peek-a-boo Sunrise

Peek-a-boo Sunrise

Personally I always find it very peaceful and healing to venture into untouched parts of the world, I truly believe a soul is healed when they connect with other positive creations and nature is positive through and through. During my life, I am yet to come across one person who has said they dislike going to visit the countryside because of the bad feelings they get, it is universally appreciated and undoubtedly the type of place I continue to seek.



We were very fortunate to have visited the Chilterns on such a sunny day, allowing us to truly enjoy our weekend to the max. We recommend if one is ever to be in Buckinghamshire to visit the Chilterns countryside, especially Coombe Hill which you can find guided paths and a map on their website.

I hope I have been able to show enough to give you a sneak peek, but not enough to give you motivation to make the trip yourself. The weekends are usually busy around lunch time onwards, so do plan a morning trip (maybe not as early as we did!). Do take pictures and tweet us your snaps at @SWanderlusts.



Travel often for one’s attitude will be determined by the experiences one succumbs to, being free is not the aspiration of independence but is the dream of morality.


With Love

TSW Team

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