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After having travelled abroad during the cold seasons, I thought I would spend the Summer of this year in the UK (well, mostly) and have been planning various trips up and down the country to try and explore more of what the UK has to offer.

Since I turned 21, I have been travelling by myself or with friends and family, and have loved venturing to the edges of the world, learning new cultures and embarking on new adventures. Travelling has taught and humbled me, it also has acted as my source of recalibration each time I fall into the “system’s way of life”, which I think everyone falls victim too sometimes.

Each time I depart Heathrow airport, bound for a new destination I always pick the window seat to enjoy the take-offs and landings, and one thing I always get struck by is the amount of greenery and unexplored places still remain in the UK, and whenever I touch the sky I always feel the need to explore my own country a little more.

So to start of with, we wanted to venture back to somewhere we had not been in a while, Black Park. Interestingly, this wonderful park is situated as neighbour to Pinewood Studios, which has hosted the creation of very popular films, such as James Bond, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and many more. The park is a personal favourite of ours, possibly because of how much it has to offer.

Other than seeing the famous actor caravans from the bike/segway paths which tour through and around the entirety of the park, there are lovely open park spaces, perfect for picnics and the occasional kite flyer. There is also a lake which sits quite centrally, allowing you to finish your bike ride after touring round the woodland to end up at a welcome resting point, which at sunset can be very picturesque.

A particular interest, especially in the Summer is the ‘Go Ape’ activity park that sits within Black Park, which is a great way to have fun, trek through the trees or zip-line with your friends.

As expected, we did the whole thing, we started off with a bike ride through the woodlands, enjoyed a picnic in the open park space, whilst watching a kite flyer lose his kite to the winds, and ended up having a competition to see who could get the most ‘skips’ in our skipping stones contest at the lake. I won obviously.

A great way to start our UK trips, with a few snaps to enjoy!

When you next find yourself at Black Park, take some snaps and tag us on Instagram @SWanderlusts 🙂




Lakeside :)

Lakeside 🙂

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Lost, and thought we should take some snaps!

Lost, and thought we should take some snaps!


In 2 weeks we shall we venturing up to a National Park, stay tuned!


With Love

TSW Team

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